The importance of your personal brand and domain name

In our modern society, people are beginning to trust people more than they do in a company, group or corporation, which means that the power of influence is returning to the individual – to you – and is no longer monopolized by the large groups.

In some years, personalities are not so unlikely to completely dominate the media. What this means is that with a simple human, personal touch, the masses can easily relate to a person and take the statements of an equal person.

What is the reason for this? The modern public is getting bored – with advertising rampant by large organizations – and now has the idea that these business giants only have profits and sales in mind and have no real regard for their audience’s personal lives and ideas.

This belief is true enough, in a sense. This reluctance makes the consumer public rethink how they perceive the brands of organizations and businesses.

This is where the personal brand comes in – and it’s getting stronger over time. This method is similar to the basic principles of the company’s traditional brand; however, power now comes from the person alone, not the group.

A more humane approach

This means taking a more humane approach. The personal brand allows you to create a social and market identity, while being able to maintain a personal level of interaction through online media.

With this, small companies and individuals are gaining space, becoming more competitive and relevant in the market.

Similar to traditional branding, personal branding also needs a good signature name that must be unique and instantly recognizable. People should be able to know what you or your product is about after a few glimpses or readings and be able to connect with you more quickly and easily.

Brand statement and focus niche

As with all crafts, you must decide what you want to be known for. Decide on this before developing further specific knowledge.

The world of personal branding is becoming so big that general areas like “travel” and “food” are flooded with so many competitors that they are no longer specific enough.

To get to know your focus niche, think about what you can offer the best and turn it into a promise. Be the best you can offer and the rest will come. By doing this, you can understand who your specific potential audiences will be. Although your audience is not that large, it will be relevant and meaningful in the long run.

Nominate wisely

Your domain name is an anchor for your personal brand. Inevitably, “names are important, as they must mean something – and represent something. It is a basic human tendency to trust the first information that is offered to us. This is called an anchor, and names are often the best anchors.

Humans also subconsciously evaluate information based on their own experiences – at a glance. This is called a heuristic, and what we usually call intuition and common sense.

In just a few seconds, our minds have already decided on whom to trust and whom to avoid. The same thing happens with domain names, so you should think of your domain name as a marker of your success. A name is a tool that helps customers decide.

Choosing the right domain name is an important step; it is the basis of your digital identity, personal brand and marketing strategy. The domain name alone, at best, should symbolize your brand.

To name wisely is to mark wisely.