SEO: what is it, what is the importance for the company?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of the website for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). It corresponds to the set of techniques used to obtain a good placement of the page in online searches as a way to generate credibility for the brand.

Why worry about that? The use of these strategies allows you to gain a prominent place on the web for your content and, consequently, attract more organic traffic to the page. In the medium and long term, the practice contributes to lead generation and conversion into sales.

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What is the concept of SEO?

SEO is the optimization of the website for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). This is a technique used by digital marketing to attract potential customers to the brand and encourage lead generation and conversion into sales.

It is very important to understand that the concept is not just based on the correct use of the keyword throughout the content of a blog post. It involves a set of related factors such as:

site indexing;
creation of differentiated and relevant content for the persona (potential consumer);
user experience on the website;
page loading speed;
use of link building, among others.
Why apply the SEO strategy on the website?

The main answer to the question is: to attract organic (free) traffic to your page. Why is it important? Imagine that you are in a technology industry and creating sponsored links on Google Ads is very expensive. You are not part of a multinational organization and need to assess all the costs of a project. See the example of the amount that can be charged on the tool:


The amount charged for the ad at the top of the page is R $ 30.87 for using the term “CRM system”. What does that mean? When advertising on Google Ads the company will pay this amount per click.

Therefore, if 200 people access the website in one day through this advertisement, the company will cost R $ 6,174.00. This without considering the rest of the period that the ad will be on the air.

The use of SEO strategies allows you to obtain good positions in search engines based on the quality of the content published on the page. Therefore, it increases the chances of receiving clicks without paying anything for it.

Want to know one more reason to be concerned with page optimization? People pay more attention to organic search results, accounting for 90% of clicks. In other words, there is only 10% left for sponsored ads. It is worth remembering that to obtain multiple accesses the content must appear on the first page of the search results.

How to apply SEO on the company’s website or blog?

For those who are not in the area of ​​IT and marketing it can be more difficult to apply the techniques alone. For this reason, the ideal is to seek the help of specialized companies to organize all the technical and content of the website. Below, we list some precautions when applying optimization strategies:


The page needs to have a good loading speed, even for those accessing via mobile devices. Speaking of which, it must also have a responsive design to automatically adjust the screen size on smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Calm down, don’t be alarmed by so much information! If you don’t have a lot of resources to invest in developing a website, you can use a content management system.

It is based on a pre-formatted structure for creating websites, which does not require prior knowledge in programming. The easiest to use platform is WordPress.


Texts need to be produced using the appropriate keyword for the topic. However, the terms should not be over-applied and must also make sense in context. Otherwise, you may be penalized by the search engine.

And how to choose the keyword? You can do a search on Google to identify the terms users are looking for, check the number of searches made on Google Ads and use common sense. See the examples:


Therefore, it is possible to realize that there is a reasonable search for the term and you can use this as a strategy to start building brand visibility. Attention: avoid “forcing the bar” to apply a certain expression to the content, as the tools already have means of realize that. Be as natural as possible and look for external references to corroborate the data presented.

If you pay attention to the link that appears in this content, you will notice that it has no number, dash or character that impairs reading. This was not done by chance, as it is also part of the SEO strategy.

In addition, pay special attention to the use of the title and subtitles of the content. They also contribute to a prominent position in search engines.