Zapixo was born out of the need in the market for personalized solutions, from its sister Impreza Host, where many customers needed website creations, security updates and many other complex projects that in many moments we couldn’t attend at Impreza Host. And from Impreza Host’s ready-made structure, Zapixo was born to meet this demand of requests.

Impreza Host focuses on self-managed services, such as domain registration, web hosting, e-mail services and dedicated servers, where the client can run all processes on their own without the need for a specialist.

At Zapixo, you have everything managed by us. We will manage your domains, emails, hosting and website content, such as content management, security and content creation, that is, all the technical part will be managed by us, unlike our sister, where the client must have advanced technical knowledge to manage everything.

More than 10 years of experience

Why Zapixo?

  1. Experience in Web solutions.
  2. Own servers.
  3. Everything your business needs in a single company.
  4. 24 hour premium support.
  5. We are multi-languages and multi-currency.

At Zapixo you will find everything you need, from a simple solution for creating landing pages, to managing dedicated servers and creating complex web systems, all embedded in our own structure. No push-push or call other developers, rest assured that we will be in control of everything.

Internationally Recognized

Our team works 24 hours a day every day, currently we host more than 5,000 email accounts and websites all over the internet, with more than 300 own servers, our team is internationally recognized and required every day to solve problems and solve any difficulties encountered.

Count on a complete Client Area integrated with your projects, manage your e-mails and users easily, migrate your services to us easily and quickly and always have an account manager dedicated to providing the best tools for your online business