10 reasons why you should have a professional website


To exist in the business world it is essential to be on the Internet. The annual e-commerce report, released by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm), points out that entrepreneurs made 2,028,827 sales (79.5% more than 2018), accumulating a total of R $ 457,722,344 in 2019 , about R $ 182 million more than the previous year. Of these sales, 22% were made through social media.

Even when the purchase is not closed over the web, the Internet plays an important role in the customer’s decision. For the consumer to trust your business, you need a secure website, with relevant content and a good sales platform. The product or service must be available in different channels, in different ways, to bring the future buyer closer, whether through social networks, blogs, virtual or physical stores.

Also according to Abcomm, Internet sales in Brazil are expected to grow 16% by 2021. The best way for entrepreneurs is to bet on marketing focused on relationship and content to build a relationship with the lead. Working with integration of social networks and website is the most viable course for entrepreneurs. And that includes who offers this type of service.

How to be present in the online world?

It can be on a social network, appearing in applications, having a blog or a website, among other possibilities. But for this to work commercially, it is essential to be on Google, to be indexed and if possible in the first places of the search! The best way to achieve this result is to have a website and adopt winning SEO strategies.

Why invest in a paid site if I have free options on the market?

Let’s get straight to the main point. When you build a page on a social network, a profile on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even have an address on free platforms without a registered domain; you are building your castle on other people’s land. Do you agree? And in real, tangible life, nobody does that if they want to have something solid and lasting.

Nobody wants to take the risk, from one moment to the next, the platform or website goes down and takes all of its content or part of it with them, as it usually happens. Much less having to follow the rules of this or that “free” service.

It is worth reinforcing the idea that “if you are not on Google you do not exist”. Exaggerations aside, this statement makes perfect sense – if you are only on social networks, your content will not be visible on search engines.

The report below, shown on Rede Record, shows real cases of companies that have significantly improved their results on the Internet through a professional presentation on the network.


Maintaining social networks

But calm down, we are not saying that having fanpages and profiles on social networks and other forms of dissemination on the web is dispensable. On the contrary, as we mentioned above, the ABCOM report revealed that 22% were made through social media. Even with a site entirely yours, with registered domain and total autonomy, you must maintain them and use them in a harmonic and optimized way to propagate your relevant content and generate leads.

10 reasons why you should have a website:

1- Its business is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;

2- It presents a professional image – an excellent way to induce confidence and credibility;

3- It is possible to develop more efficient marketing – you will be able to create more economical ads that refer to your website, so on your website you further detail the characteristics of your product or service;

4- Your catalog or portfolio can be changed at any time – it is easier, cheaper and faster to change than printed material. Its capabilities are almost unlimited and allow more and better information to its customers;

5- Reach new markets with a global audience – your market now has the potential to be seen by millions around the world.

6- Agility in service and information immediately available – sales and requests for information can be processed automatically and immediately.

7- Online forms can be used to allow your customers to request quotes or additional information. Save on costs by allowing them to download proposals and other important documents;

8- Collect valuable information – also on online forms: with them the entrepreneur can obtain important information about the market and its customers. This tool is excellent to help market actions, when promoting your products and services;

9- Brand strengthening – building a value brand can take a long time and require a lot of effort, but the Internet can shorten this path a little. For this, your website must be functional, have a quick loading and be useful to the user, that is, navigating through your website should provide learning. This whole set will convey the positive idea about your business;

10- Low investment – using a company’s website as a means of communication is not a cost but an investment. Investments are very low, taking into account the geographic reach, time of exposure and flexibility in maintenance. Excellent cost-benefit ratio, compared to any conventional media, such as television, newspapers and radio. We see that the cost benefit is worthwhile for the company that invests in the creation of an institutional website.

11- Increased visibility – a well-organized website gives the impression that a company is bigger than it really is. This, of course, generates credibility in the market that has already consecrated companies much larger than yours.